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Our Story

Alright Alice all began with an amazing acting class led by an incredible teacher, Suzanne Bastien (At The Creative Space). Suzanne invited a group of some of her most committed students together to discuss how we could level up in our career. It was with her guidance and careful mentorship that Alright Alice began. In its beginning Alright Alice wanted to make a short film featuring exceptional performances for its 8 members. The group raised 20 000$ for the project and piqued the interest of veteran film director Gavin Michael Booth. Booth was drawn to the project for its daring and creativity and enticed by this group of actors producing their own work.


Our Philosophy

In taking class together ATCS, Alright Alice learned something very important. It is with dedication, continual practice, preparation and the courage to fail that you grow. This recipe allowed each of its members to make great strides in their craft as an actor. So what if the same energy was focused towards making stride in their careers as actors/filmmakers. Alright Alice meets once a week to set goals, brainstorm ideas, troubleshoot roadblocks and support one another in their endeavour to grow their careers in the film industry. In this work they track what is working and where they are getting stuck and bring in mentors to advise them on specific issues they are facing.

Our Aspirations

Our hope and dream is to create a toolkit that young actors and filmmakers can depend on to help develop their careers. In addition to our Panel Night Series, we want to create mentorship opportunities, workshops and more for new and upcoming actors/filmmakers. Essentially we want to create what we would have wanted from day one of our careers.

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